Cristina Venedict Statement
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Artist Statement
I entered the world of photography and of the magic lens at a time when the real world, the world I was living in, didn't offer me the freedom I needed. I had taken my degree, I was a psychologist and I felt like I wasn't really myself, like that world wasn't mine... And then, there's that phrase: "Ask and you shall receive" - it worked for me.

We all have this inherent ability to change, to rediscover ourselves or to be reborn... All we have to do is to ask ourselves who we are and what we want to do with our lives. Then, at some point in life, the answer comes up by itself, like you've always known it.

Photography has become my sense in life. It started like a game, a game in which the child within me was running free and feeling like just awakened from a long sleep of immersion into the real world... a world in which we lose our ability to dream and to remain children. Photography helped me bring the child within back into the light...